Our History

Hildegard Reyes, once a stay at home mom, fell in love with the Montessori Method in 1995 when she enrolled her oldest daughter into a Montessori Elementary program. She quickly became involved with school activities and enthusiastically began volunteering in the classroom setting. After a year of dedication to the school she recognized that the Montessori Method was best for children and placed her two other youngest daughters into the Preschool Montessori program.

In 1999, Hildy became certified as a Preschool Montessori Teacher and began teaching her own classroom at the same school her children were attending. As her love for teaching grew she realized she wanted a Montessori school of her own. With her new dreams insight she began venturing for that next step.

In 2007, Hildy finally reached her aim and founded Golden Mittens Montessori with the primary goal of offering quality, authentic Montessori education to students. The school started with one small classroom (for children ages 3-6) and has expanded to three classrooms.


Due to the excellent educational environment we created with Golden Mittens Montessori, parents requested that we expand to teach Elementary and thus Discover Montessori Academy was born.

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